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5 Useful Windows Applications You Should Try Today

There are plenty of Windows software and applications that might prove very useful and handy in our day to day life but we never heard of them. Here we are going to discuss 5 such lesser-known but still robust Windows applications:

1. KeePass


Portable and open-source password manager with plugin support. Helps you protect your online accounts with strong passwords. The app stores passwords on your computer or USB drive. Cloud-based alternatives to KeePass include Dashlane and SafeInCloud Password Manager.

Download: KeePass (Free)

2. Eraser


You may know that deleting a file in Windows doesn’t actually erase it. How else would it be possible to recover deleted files? Eraser is an open-source utility and portable app that permanently deletes files by overwriting them with random patterns. Best used with hard disk drives since erasing data from a solid-state drive can cause damage and other issues.

Download: Eraser (Free)

3. f.lux


This utility helps you prevent eye strain and sleep better by adapting your screen brightness and colour saturation to ambient lighting. It also supports scheduling, as shown above.

Download: f.lux (Free)

4. qBittorrent

The Best Windows Software qBittorrent Interface

qBittorrent is a free and open-source BitTorrent client. It’s generally considered the best µTorrent alternative. Unlike the client it was designed to replace, it’s free from bloatware and ads.

Download: qBittorrent (Free)

5. Ditto


Ditto is a clipboard manager that allows you to keep a record of your Windows clipboard backed up for later use or sync clipboards across multiple computers. Also available as a portable app. Similar to ClipX and many other clipboard managers.

Download: Ditto (Free)

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