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$70 Million Bitcoin Steal by Hackers : NiceHash

 Hackers steal 4,700 Bitcoin from NiceHash. If you don’t know what is NiceHash provide software to mine bitcoin through your PC.

NiceHash announced the security breach on its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, saying it is investigating the incident and stopping operations for 24 hours. NiceHash also recommended that users change their online passwords as a precaution, though they added: “the full scope of what happened is not yet known.”

NiceHash said it is working to determine the exact amount of Bitcoin that was stolen. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that Andrej P. Škraba, head of marketing at NiceHash, confirmed to the outlet that approximately 4,700 bitcoin, worth about $70 million, was missing from NiceHash’s bitcoin wallet. Škraba also told the Journal that “it was a professional attack,” but would not give any more information, noting that developments would be released at a later date.

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