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BHIM App – Five Things to Know About It

BHIM app is recently launched money transfer app. People are curious to know about it. Let’s have some facts about this app:

  1. BHIM stands for BHarat Interface for Money. It is the redefined version of Unified Payment Interface (UPI). It also supports USSD feature. Means it will also work without internet.
  2. BHIM will support normal phones as well as smartphones. Upcoming version will also support thumb impression to make payment.
  3. At the moment it is available on Google Play Store, hence, only Android users can use it. Soon it will be made available to iOS and Windows Phone users too.
  4. In order to use BHIM app you need to register your bank account through the app and create a UPI pin.
  5. Using BHIM app you can send or receive money to another mobile number, check your balance as well as scan a QR code for making payments. You can also send money to other non-UPI bank accounts using IFSC mode as used in normal internet banking.

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