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Getting started with Android Auto

getting started with android auto

It is virtually impossible to stop folks from using their phones while driving, illegal and insanely dangerous though it may be. Thankfully, Google’s newly updated Android Auto now works in every car, not just a handful of models with fancy infotainment systems. (Your move, Apple. Seriously, what’s the hold-up?) Android …

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The Best Way to Lock Your Android Phone

the best way to lock your android phone

With the amount of personal data we keep on our phones, security is essential. Android phones are encrypted by default, and provide multiple methods for locking and unlocking them. Some are more secure, while others are more convenient to use. So what’s the best way to unlock your Android phone? …

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What is the safest way of rooting an Android phone?

The steps necessary to root an Android phone vary widely, from “one-click” methods to “impossible”. It depends on the exact model of your phone and version of Android you are currently on (or desire). Further complicating matters are the carriers. For example, the methods for rooting phone X on AT&T, …

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How to Recover Your PC Using an Android Device

how to recover your pc using an android device

Your PC’s operating system crashed, and the only chance of recovery is an ISO file flashed to a USB stick. But if you don’t have a spare PC to create installation media with, don’t worry. Android has you covered. Here’s how to recover your PC using your phone or tablet. …

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Best Android Emulators for Mac OS/Macbook

Macintosh is the amazing OS developed by Apple. If you are a MacBook owner and you want to run Google Play Store App on your Mac computer. It is possible to run Play store app with the help of Emulator on any kind of OS. In short, we can say. …

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How Android Differs Depending on the Hardware Manufacturer

how android differs depending on the hardware manufacturer

Android devices come in a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and capabilities. They can differ from one to another in terms of operating system-level features, pre-installed apps, and innovative interface experiments. Why is there such a difference?The Android Open Source Project gives device manufacturers a lot of leeway in creating unique features …

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