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Have you ever been recently searching out the app that completes all of the essential entertainment which you seek? Hotstar App is the right desire which will watch films that consist of television indicates, movies, and live television, and so on. The usage of this app you may be capable …

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How to achieve noise reduction in images

how to take perfect noise free photos every time

Image noise is a problem every photographer has to deal with. Those tiny dots of colour or grain can spoil even the most perfectly composed image, and sometimes it seems unavoidable. So what can you do? Whether you want to fix it in-camera, or are happy to dive into Lightroom …

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Music Geeks Can Now Edit Spotify’s Metadata


Spotify is about much more than just music. There’s all that non-music stuff on Spotify, for starters. But there’s also tons of metadata about every artist, song, and album, and it’s this that fuels Spotify’s automagic playlists. Unfortunately, some of this information is missing or incorrect. And that harms Spotify’s …

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Romantic Movies With Witches To See On Halloween

history of halloween

I Married a Witch (1942) ‘I Married a Witch’ with Veronica Lake and Fredric March could be the foremother of all romantic comedies about a witch in love with a “mortal man”. It is based on the novel ‘The Passionate Witch’ by Thorne Smith. The movie begins during the Salem …

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8 Nifty Tips for Managing Your Spotify Playlists

nifty tips for managing your spotify playlists

Playlists are a core component of Spotify. Not only does the music streaming service has curated collections of songs to suit specific moods, but you can also make playlists of your favourite songs too. However, managing your Spotify playlists isn’t as simple or straightforward as it could be, so we’ve …

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