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How to Search Google Using Your Handwriting

Do you type faster than you write? You can put your handwriting and typing speed to the test with your next Google Search. Using your handwriting to search with has existed since a 2012 update to the search engine. Let’s see how you can enable the setting and use it for your everyday searches.…
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The Best Search Engine for You

Over the years, Google has left its humble origins behind to become one of the largest companies in the world, offering a wide range of devices and services. To keep those services free, Google records data about you and uses it to display targeted advertising—their main source of revenue. As the debate around online privacy…
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How to Declutter Your Data With No Regrets (But Keep What You Need)

One effective way to worry less about your data is to have less of it to worry about. To get there, you’ll need to redefine the word “important” to mean “impossible to get your hands on in future for free”. With that definition as our guide, let’s explore the kind of data you can consider…
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How to Exclude Specific Domains in Google Search Results

There’s no denying the power of Google search operators. With just a little added effort, you can make sure that you’re finding exactly the content you’re looking for—and one way to do that is to exclude results from sites that you don’t care about. How to Exclude Keywords in Google Search Results When it comes to…
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