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How to link your phone number to Google Home

Making a phone call using Google Home is as simple as “OK Google, call Jack.” But there’s been a problem with the service — calls showed up as unlisted numbers, and that’s not ideal. Now Playing: Watch this: Google Home gets Mini 2:14 Google on Wednesday announced you can now link your personal phone number…
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Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL: How to preorder the new phones now

Google on Wednesday revealed the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, with preorders going live after the event. If you’re clamoring to get your hands on Google’s latest wares, the wait won’t be much longer. Let’s take a look. Now Playing: Watch this: Thanks, internet: Google’s Oct. 4 event gets spoiled… 4:50 Pricing The…
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Google Station Wi-Fi Service, YouTube Go Launched in Indonesia After India Debut

After a successful run in India, Google has brought its public Wi-Fi programme Google Station to Indonesia that will help improve access to Internet at railway stations and other locations. Alongside, the company had 10 other announcements to make on Thursday at its Google for Indonesia event. “We are partnering with CBN and Fiberstar to…
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How to create Google Home reminders

From the start, Google Home ($129.00 at hit the market missing what many users thought to be important — yet very simple — features. Among those missing features was reminders, something both Google Now and Google Assistant on Android phones have been capable of for some time now. At long last, Google has updated its smart…
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Google’s Family Link unlocks Android for kids

About six years ago, a 5-year-old girl asked her mother why her Google search for “train” failed to show her anything about Thomas the Tank Engine, the cheeky cartoon character that’s a favourite for kids. It was just a small shortcoming, but it set in motion a project that now means the tech giant is…
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How to Back Up Gmail Items

Ever went looking for an old email with an all-important PowerPoint attached that you could not find? Alternatively, better yet, ever lost a critical Gmail email from your manager, and need to ask him for input yet again? Awkward. This happens all too often in any business all around the world. Google’s cloud-based email system is…
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Google Adsense

Why My Adsense Ads Are In Wrong Language

It seems that there are growing concern on the language problem with the AdSense code. Most likely, people reported that all their ads have been changed to Japanese or Chinese, even if they have chosen English to be the language of the site or advertisements. Even Google has not noticed this problem and has a…
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Building Multiple AdSense Websites

Have you thinking about building an AdSense website to generate revenue? If so, you may be concerned about the relatively small amount of money that you will earn from each AdSense click. It’s true that each individual click will not earn you a great deal of money – in order to build a substantial revenue…
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How to Remove Google Accounts From Your Phone and Reclaim Privacy

Added your Google account to your phone and don’t want it anymore? Maybe you’ve started using a different account, never use the account anymore, or just want to quit using Google. Whether you use Android or an iPhone, we’ll show you how to remove your Google account on your phone. How to Remove Google Accounts…
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How to Install Chrome OS on Any PC and Turn It Into a Chromebook

Want to turn any old computer into a Chromebook? Google doesn’t provide official builds of Chrome OS for anything but official Chromebooks, but there are ways you can install the open-source Chromium OS software or a similar operating system. These are all easy to play with, so you can run them entirely from a USB…
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Explore the World’s Natural Wonders With Google Earth’s Geography Quiz

Advertisement Remember when Google Earth Pro used to cost a mind-boggling $400? Google now offers it for free, turning an already beloved product into our go-to method for learning more about Earth and its geographic treasures. If you love geography and the wonders of the world, then take this opportunity to explore the world from…
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5 Cool Custom Data Dashboards You Can Make With Google Sites

Advertisement Google Sites is one of the most convenient ways to create and publish a website with the least amount of effort. With the tools available in Google Sites, you can actually create very useful personal dashboards that can boost your organization and productivity. In this article, you’re going to see how you can use…
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