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Stop Apps Disappearing on iPhone or iPad

how to stop apps from disappearing on your iphone or ipad

If you’ve thought an app disappeared from your iPhone or iPad without warning, you’re not going crazy. One of iOS 11’s new tricks is called Offload Unused Apps. It’s designed to help you save space on your device, but if it runs without you knowing, it’s quite a surprise. Here’s …

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The Best iPhone Clipboard Managers

the best iphone clipboard managers

As the iPhone continues to become more powerful and add features with each new software and hardware release, many users are taking advantage of the device to tackle a wide variety of daily activities and become more productive. You’ve probably used the iPhone clipboard more times than you can count …

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5 Trippy Glitch Art Apps for Your iPhone

trippy glitch art apps for your iphone

Small visual defects, known as glitches, are common phenomena in our increasingly technology-reliant world. They generally occur as a result of a hardware problem or data corruption, but you’ll find similar effects all over the media in movies, TV shows, music videos, and advertising. But you don’t need to data …

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