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Smartphone, speaker, microphone, GPS — all in one modular device, says Facebook’s new patent

  CloseFlorida teens laugh, taunt and film disabled man as he drowns in lakeSocial media giant Facebook is venturing into something new, according to its patent filing. The company is exploring a “modular electromechanical device” that can perform several functions, including as a smartphone, a speaker and a microphone. Aimed at reducing electronic waste and…
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Pros and Cons of RFID Technology

I. RFID Advantages Radio Frequency Identification provides a valuable service that is capable of revolutionizing the way companies track products. There are many benefactors of this technology: the military, retailers, suppliers, consulting firms, producers of the technology, and consumers. RFID provides companies with a better alternative to bar-coding because no line-of-sight is needed to read…
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Video Marketing – What is Video Tagging?

When it comes to video marketing, it is important to tag your videos properly in order to make it easier to find in the search engines. With proper video tagging, the videos that you have uploaded can be easily discovered by search engines and people who have searched it using certain keywords. Keywords play an…
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Internet Marketing

5 Important Aspects of Internet Marketing

The Internet has boomed especially in the last decade. It has provided an ample number of opportunities to businesses of every genre. Business owners have also realized the huge potential of the online world which has made them ponder about the various marketing strategies. Hiring an Internet Marketing Company has become a common trend for…
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An Introduction to OpenStack

Last year I attended a half dozen conferences. When I was not browsing the products on the exhibit floor, I spent time speaking to fellow attendees in the halls. One topic came up over and over OpenStack. I have followed the open-source platform for a few years. I have watched it gain steam with open-source…
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What is MAC address

In computer networking, a Media Access Control address (MAC address) or Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA) or hardware address or adapter address is a unique identifier attached to network adapters (NICs). It is a number that acts as a name for a particular network adapter, so, for example, the network cards (or built-in network adapters) in…
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Subnetting and VLSM – Concepts

What is subnetting? Subnetting allows us to create multiple logical networks that exist within a single Class A, B, or C network. If we do not subnet, we will only be able to use one network from your Class A, B, or C network, which is unrealistic. Each data link on a network must have…
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