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13 Kodi Repos You Need to Uninstall and Why

kodi repos you need to uninstall and why

In mid-2017, several long-standing Kodi repos vanished forever. The problems all began with the attack on TVAddons; the company is the subject of two separate lawsuits in two different countries. As a result of the lawsuits, several other repo operators and add-on developers stopped working on their own projects for …

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Denial-of-Service Attack


A necessity threat disrupts normal computer processing or denies processing entirely. Programs used in necessity attacks work by reducing a computer’s processing speed to intolerably low levels or by completely disabling the computer. The most common necessity attack, called a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, occurs when an attacker floods a computer, …

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5 Ways Data Can Be Stolen From Your PC or Network

ways data can be stolen from your pc or network

Got your data security sorted? Reckon there’s no way anyone can steal data from your computer or network devices? Great! That must mean you’ve solved the worst security problem plaguing corporations around the world. In truth, data security is complex and difficult. If you think you’re completely secure, it probably …

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