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WhatsApp Rolls Out Group Chat Improvements

WhatsApp has made a number of improvements to the way group chats work. Most of the improvements are on the admin side of things, but all of them are designed to help people use WhatsApp group chats more effectively. Or at least that’s the hope. With 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp …

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You Should Change Your Twitter Password Right Now

If you’re using Twitter you should change your password. Because Twitter messed up in a fundamental way. So while there’s no indication that any passwords have been accessed, the social networking service is strongly urging you to change your password. You Should Probably Heed Twitter’s Advice… In a blog post …

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7 Instagram Alternatives for Smartphone Photographers

With smartphone cameras being so good these days, it seems that everyone’s a photographer now, especially if you follow these tricks to boost your smartphone photography. But some of us take this hobby more seriously than others, and perhaps even make money from smartphone photography. Whatever kind of smartphone photographer …

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Facebook Wants to Help You Find a Date

2018 has been a tricky one for Facebook so far. The Cambridge Analytica scandal saw people questioning how much data we are giving the social network. And then Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by senators, and mocked for his android-like gestures. However, Zuckerberg and co. are carrying on regardless, and are …

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Snap Launches Spectacles 2.0 for Snapchat Addicts

In 2016, Snap Inc. launched Spectacles. These Spectacles from Snap, formerly known as Snapchat, were sunglasses capable of shooting video. Snap hoped Spectacles would take off in a big way, but in the end the company only sold 150,000 pairs. However, undeterred, Snap Inc. has launched Spectacles 2.0. This new …

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How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger

Most people are aware of the difference between deleting and deactivating a Facebook account. In short, deactivating is akin to a temporary deletion where you can reactivate your account at any time, whereas deleting your account is a permanent removal of data. But you might not realize that deactivating your …

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