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Digital Numbering Systems

Digital information has been used by human beings during almost all of their history. Parts of the human body were first used as a means of counting. Fingers and toes were often used to represent numbers. In fact, the word digitus in Latin means finger or toe. This term is …

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Analyzing the State of Solid State Drives (SSD) Market

analyzing the state of solid state drives ssd market

Solid state drives have been hyped as the next big thing in enterprise storage for the past couple years. The promise of easier, faster, and more durable has the irresistible appeal for those who realise the shortcomings of the conventional hard drive. While HDDs aren’t going down without a fight, …

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How to Repair “Runtime Error 481”

The runtime error is one of the most common Windows problems that keep popping up and keeping your system from running smoothly and perfectly, even a small or a single error in the process will leave your system in a knot. This makes it even more important for any user …

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