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How Try Chrome OS in VirtualBox Before Buying a Chromebook

Google’s Chromebook runs Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system based on Linux that provides you with a full Chrome browser and a basic desktop environment. Before buying a Chromebook, you may want to play with Chrome OS in a virtual machine in a window on your desktop. What You’re Getting Here’s the thing: You can’t…
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Associative Arrays

In the products array, we allowed PHP to give each item the default index. This meant that the first item we added became item 0, the second item 1, and so on. PHP also supports associative arrays. In an associative array, we can associate any key or index we want with each value.

Arrays in PHP

Arrays are collections of related values, such as the data submitted from a form, the names of students in a class, or the populations of a list of cities. In the previous chapter, you learned that a variable is a named container that holds a value. An array is a container that holds multiple values, each distinct from…
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Web Mining | Meaning and Purpose

With the bang of the era of information technology, we have entered into an ocean of information. This information blast is firmly based on the internet; which has become one of the universal infrastructures of information. We can not deny the fact that, with every passing day, the web-based information contents are increasing by leaps…
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Which Are Some Of The Most Popular Back End Frameworks?

Nowadays, the user experience delivered by an application determines its popularity and profitability in the longer run. Hence, it becomes essential for developers to focus on both front-end and back-end of the application. Normally, the users can see, touch and experience the front-end or user interface of the application directly. But the front-end experience of…
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5 Benefits of Supporting Face Recognition Time Attendance System at Premises

“Save time, save money”, an excellent thought, good to hear. However, the million dollar question is ‘How’. People are trying hard in the organisational area to reduce the time constraint for the leisure activities so that the saved time can be utilised in productive areas. As the demand is rising, the corporate sector is turning…
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PHP 7 Installation

The PHP environment can be installed on almost any operating system. This allows the developer the ability to easily create a development and testing environment. Complete testing can and should be completed before the code is installed in a live environment. The developer should determine the major PHP version used in the live environment and…
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Make Money With Niche Marketing

You can have a good income with niche marketing, but you will have to do a certain amount of work each month to keep the site up to date. It is interesting that many people try to start their online business by selling products on how to make money online when they are not successful…
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Building Multiple AdSense Websites

Have you thinking about building an AdSense website to generate revenue? If so, you may be concerned about the relatively small amount of money that you will earn from each AdSense click. It’s true that each individual click will not earn you a great deal of money – in order to build a substantial revenue…
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How an Operating System’s File System Works

File systems are an integral part of any operating systems with the capacity for long-term storage. There are two distinct parts of a file system, the mechanism for storing files and the directory structure into which they are organised. In modern operating systems where it is possible for several user to access the same files…
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5 Ways to Get a Dead Spy Pen to Work

If you have a Spy Pen, sometimes it just appears to be either stuck with the light on or dead and won’t turn on. We wrote this report to show you some of the tricks we found to getting you it to work again. 1. Perform A Hard Reset The majority of the time, just…
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Runtime Error 438 Fix – How to Repair 438 Runtime Error When Using Office 2010

Runtime error 438 often shows when running Microsoft Excel and “Visual Basic” macros. The error is caused when the macros you’re trying to use are either incorrect or erroneous and basically, prevent Excel from running as smoothly as possible anymore. If you have this error appearing on your PC, you need to be sure you…
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