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Use our guided walk through to help you resolve Windows Update issues using the error code you got while updating your version of Windows.

How to Resolve Windows Installer 1618 Error

Fix Windows installer 1618 error

The 1618 error generally shows when you try and install a program on a Windows computer using the “Windows Installer” application. The error is basically caused by the presence of more-than-one Windows Installer program, making it impossible for your computer to run at least one of the installers. It can …

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Windows Backup vs Paid Backup Solution

windows backup vs paid backup solution

Friends ask me this question a lot: Is Windows backup enough or should I consider paying for another product? The truth is, software backup and imaging solutions are critical to the success of companies both large and small. They have been around a long time. And yet they are one …

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How to Recover Your PC Using an Android Device

how to recover your pc using an android device

Your PC’s operating system crashed, and the only chance of recovery is an ISO file flashed to a USB stick. But if you don’t have a spare PC to create installation media with, don’t worry. Android has you covered. Here’s how to recover your PC using your phone or tablet. …

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5 Useful Windows Applications You Should Try Today

There are plenty of Windows software and applications that might prove very useful and handy in our day to day life but we never heard of them. Here we are going to discuss 5 such lesser-known but still robust Windows applications: 1. KeePass Portable and open-source password manager with plugin support. …

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Runtime Error 217 – How to Fix This Common Windows Error

Runtime Error 217 typically shows when you use an application on Windows, and an error occurs. The big problem with this particular error is that it’s continually being shown for a wide number of different reasons. This makes it quite difficult to resolve if you don’t know exactly what the …

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