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Use our guided walk through to help you resolve Windows Update issues using the error code you got while updating your version of Windows.

What is the difference between system daemons and kernel?

The kernel is the Central part of the operating system. It acts as an interface between the user (application) and hardware (CPU). The kernel is the big chunk of executable code in charge of handling all requests. Kernel role has been split mainly into – Process management: The kernel is in …

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How to Update Windows 10 Drivers


Wooooo! You’re researching drivers for your computer! Sounds about as much fun as watching paint dry on a January afternoon while getting kicked with a frozen boot. Now, all kidding aside, drivers are extremely important to the functioning of your computer. Without them, all your hardware devices would not have …

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What Is the AppData Folder in Windows?

app data folder

Windows applications often store their data and settings in an AppData folder, and each Windows user account has its own. It’s a hidden folder, so you’ll only see it if you show hidden files in the file manager. Where You’ll Find AppData Each user account has its own AppData folder with …

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