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Google’s Gboard Gets Sticker and Bitmoji Support on Android

Google is adding stickers support to its flagship keyboard app – Gboard – with the newest update for Android. With it, you can either link your Bitmoji, or download stickers from the likes of Disney Princesses, Garfield, Google Allo selfie stickers, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, NBAmoji, and Star Wars among others. This will work in “any app that supports image pasting”, says Google.

To find and use these stickers, update your Gboard app on Android, and then hit the emoji button. You will find a new sticker tab to browse through, with much of the same functionality that Google has with GIFs. You can browse through recently used ones, search for a particular one, or use the pre-existing categories such as “Hi”, “Luv Ya”, or “Yay”.

A second sticker tab categorises them by type, which is also how you can find new ones. A plus “+” button in the corner will take you to the sticker store, where you can find new ways to communicate without words (read: impress, annoy, or be cute with your friends). While most sticker packs are free, Disney ones – such as Mickey Mouse and Star Wars – are Rs. 130 apiece.

While sticker functionality was available in Google Allo before via the aforementioned selfie stickers, this Gboard update will let you take those to your messaging app of choice. Google says more sticker packs are on their way, though there’s no word on when Gboard for iOS will get the same functionality.

Of course, iOS 10 users have had their own sticker packs on iMessage for the past year, which Google seems to be now democratising by rolling out support for its keyboard app.


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