Google’s Family Link unlocks Android for kids

googles family link unlocks android for kids

About six years ago, a 5-year-old girl asked her mother why her Google search for “train” failed to show her anything about Thomas the Tank Engine, the cheeky cartoon character that’s a favourite for kids. It was just a small shortcoming, but it set in motion a project that now …

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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Faster

search engine optimisation

Creating a blog and posting on it is not the end of everything. You need to popularize and promote it for garnering traffic on it. Whatever you post after working so hard, you need response from the audience in the form of comments and shares. Here are few ways in …

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Benefits of Website Promotion

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Promotion of a website is very important. Usually, a website helps in developing online identity for some company, business, or individual. In order to get maximum attention of internet users, it needs promotion through various proven techniques. Nowadays, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), and social business networking …

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The 5 Core Issues Facing Database Administrators

Every data centre manager, be it at a Fortune 500 or a small startup, must face five core issues during his or her database management. Two fundamental keys of databases themselves are exacerbated by three other forces that require attention in order to have a robust, functional, and powerful database …

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The chatbot evolution and revolution

Why do we need chatbots? Why would we want to expose a service through a conversation? Why not just build a web page or mobile app, like we have been doing since last 15-20 years or so? Isn’t that much better than building the bots? The answer is that things …

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Top 10 Dynamic SEO Strategies For 2019

SEO is hardly a well-defined science. Even after all these years, it remains unpredictable and it evolves over time. And I always think like, there is no point in predicting the outcome of your SEO practices unlike or unless you find the right strategies that can push your results. After …

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