Show Ajax loading animation automatically using Pace


There’s this cool library – Pace which shows cool animations when pages are loading, ajax requests are loading, your SPAs are changing pages etc. The only issue is it doesn’t work for all Ajax requests. Blame the defaults. You need to define the paceOptions object for setting some defaults before …

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CleanMyPC Covers All Your PC Maintenance Needs

cleanmypc covers all your pc maintenance needs

Every Windows user knows that the operating system builds up junk over time. Windows includes some utilities for PC maintenance, but they don’t offer as much as a dedicated tool can. CleanMyPC is an app that offers to keep your PC running at its best. Let’s see what this tool …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mainframe Computing

Mainframe computers perform complex and critical computing in large corporations and governments across the world. Mainframe machines are fast, smart, and capable of the advanced computing necessary to our generation of corporate IT infrastructure and business goals. The emergence of newer computing technology has not killed demand for mainframes, as …

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MVC (Model-View-Controller) and its benefits

Model View Controller

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a software design pattern built around the interconnection of three main component types, in a programming language such as PUP, often with a strong focus on object-oriented programming (00P) software paradigms. The three-component types are loosely termed models, views, and controllers. Let’s talk about them individually and …

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Stop Apps Disappearing on iPhone or iPad

how to stop apps from disappearing on your iphone or ipad

If you’ve thought an app disappeared from your iPhone or iPad without warning, you’re not going crazy. One of iOS 11’s new tricks is called Offload Unused Apps. It’s designed to help you save space on your device, but if it runs without you knowing, it’s quite a surprise. Here’s …

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Digital Numbering Systems

Digital information has been used by human beings during almost all of their history. Parts of the human body were first used as a means of counting. Fingers and toes were often used to represent numbers. In fact, the word digitus in Latin means finger or toe. This term is …

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The Bad Effects of Cybercrimes

cyber crime

A criminal defence attorney in California tackles on the subject of cyber crimes. What exactly are these? Can the law enforcement specialists find criminals on the internet? How can you develop a framework for your children to learn what cyber crimes are? The following information will help acquaint you with …

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10 Cool Tech Words That You Need To Know

In the present world, we are living in the time of mechanical progressions and advancements. Along these lines, it is something better to think about fundamental innovation subtle elements. Truth be told, there is an expansive number of things and terms that are identified with the innovative things thus you …

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