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The History Of Data Deduplication

Data deduplication has been around, at least in its most primitive form, since the 1970s. It initially started because companies wanted to store a large amount of customer contact information without using a large amount of storage space. One of the first ideas was to go through and remove duplicate …

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose MS Excel for Data Analytics

Microsoft had the lead in commercial data analytics with its MS office software and its evolution through the 90’s. Now all these fancy tools have become available. All the latest tools tend to do one aspect of Microsoft Excel well. For instance, Audit Command Language works well with regards to …

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Zara – The Use of ‘Big Data’ to Create Business Value

zara retail

Particularly as the emergence of the so-called “Big Data” makes the issue of data scarcity a thing of the past. The capture of data and its transformation into business insights as a core element of strategy has long helped the Spanish retailer Zara raise productivity, improve decision-making and gain competitive …

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