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Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Your Business

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is one of the most echoed buzzwords in the recent times’ technological expansion. Deliberately or accidentally, you come across cloud storage and cloud computing in everyday life, provided that you are active in the online e-commerce domain. To be more specific, a majority of people make use of various online video…
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Impact of Cloud Computing on Businesses

Individual Businesses Inspired by the low entry costs for cloud services, technically savvy consumers are now using cloud-based tools to develop their businesses. The expectation is that software should be nearly free of charge and that users should pay only for additional services or some extra capacity. Consumers can host a website to attract customers,…
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Here’s Why Cloud Computing is Making us Happier

The cloud is living up to all the hype, or so it seems. All statistics point to how cloud computing has made our work lives more comfortable. From increased productivity to better collaboration and ideas exchange, and adding improved flexibility to processes and time frames, cloud applications have been a boon for business. Studies from SkyHighNetworks have…
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