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I Quit Ubuntu Linux and I’m Happier Than Ever

i quit ubuntu linux and im happier than ever

My Linux journey began in the Ubuntu ecosystem. I installed Xubuntu on an old computer without an internet connection and played around with it. A year or two later, after suffering from a Windows crash that took all of my data with it, I transitioned entirely to Ubuntu 8.10. Back …

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How to Build a Cheap Android PC With Inexpensive Parts

how to build a cheap android pc with inexpensive parts

Want a functioning Android PC? You can try installing Android on a computer or laptop, but consider yourself lucky if it works! Certain cheap parts, though, function without problems. Here are some of the parts that you can use to build an Android PC. Operating Systems Before looking at the …

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Which One Is Right for You?

which one is right for you

If you want to run multiple operating systems on one machine, or multiple copies of the same operating system, then you only have two ways to do it: dual boot or virtual machine. Both methods are useful, but they serve different purposes. Not sure which one is right for you? …

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