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6 Times When Hackers Took On Governments

Cyberattacks can lead to sensitive data exposure, data loss and even downtime as IT departments rush to find the best path to recovery. For government institutions, the damage can be severe, resulting lost trust from the citizens and even legal actions. Only a well planned out security strategy and a solid backup and recovery plan…
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Ransomware and BYOD Pose the Biggest Risk, Say IT Pros

Ransomware and mobility (BYOD policies) are the most common cause of concern among IT professionals, shows a recent StorageCraft survey. Among IT professionals, 42 percent believe that ransomware is the technology that brings the most risk. Another 38 percent are concerned about mobility and increasingly prevalent BYOD (bring your own device) policies, shows the survey.…
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The Ransomware Survival Guide – StorageCraft Technology Corporation

According to the New York Times, a widespread ransomware attack that rooted in Europe has made its way to the States. The strain Kapersky coined “NotPetya” reportedly bulldozed its way into some of the nation’s most prominent healthcare organisations. In the U.S., it affected pharmaceutical giant Merck. NotPetya exhibits traits similar to the original Petya…
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