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The Top 17 CMMS Twitter Influencers You Need To Know

I think it’s safe to say no one will ever accuse Twitter’s format of being too cerebral. People don’t generally criticize it for being unnecessarily in-depth or overly complicated. Being a maintenance manager, on the other hand, is a full-time balancing act. You’re handling assets and technicians, and you have to schedule the latter so…
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The History of Twitter

Twitter came onto the internet marketing scene in 2007 primarily. With its never before seen unique spin on advertising and keeping in touch with friends, it has become a popular tool to use. Most people who use twitter are using it daily, several times a day in fact. The basic structure of Twitter is in…
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How to Mute (Most) Spam Accounts and Trolls on Twitter

[ad_1] I love Twitter, but there’s no denying it has long had a spam and troll problem. Tweet about a popular product or service, and you’ll often get weird replies from random accounts. Poke your head out and take a political stance, and anonymous trolls will try to cut you down. Thankfully, Twitter is starting…
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