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The Reason That I Stick To WordPress

why wordpress is best

When I started blogging, I looked free hosting, free domain and everything free. Many free hosting and domain have done a pretty good job for me, like blogger, Ning and WordPress.com. They all are good enough for simple blogging for personal and small organisations. But after I used WordPress.org, I …

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How to Find the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

You’ve probably already heard how WordPress is a very popular platform for bloggers, and chances are, a majority of the blogs you read every day were created with WordPress. While it is the best blogging software available, thanks to some great theme developers, WordPress has now also become arguably the …

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How To Build A Successful Webshop From Scratch?

First thing which platform should I choose? I think the easiest way to build a webshop is to use a CMS system. Because the CMS systems are very popular and well-tested systems. And these systems are easy to use and easy to customize. I advise you to choose WordPress. Why? …

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Difference Between Java and WordPress

Core JAVA Training In Patna

Java and WordPress are very much different, this is an attempt to compare and see where they intersect each other. Java Java is an enterprise Language, what it means it is used to build enterprise applications, what do we mean by that? · A variety of clients can interact with …

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WordPress plugin to email commentators of posts


The need to email came up when I wanted to notify commentators of my previous announcement posts regarding my plugin – Facebook Like Thumbnail, about its new version which is a rewrite and has a lot of goodness in it. I looked it up, and I found a plugin by …

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Filtering transient expiration time in WordPress


As of now WordPress doesn’t offer a filter to control the expiration of the transient while it is being set, so I quickly wanted to share a quick snippet I found on Trac, written by Andrew Nacin. Here is the snippet: View this code snippet on GitHub. Basically, 'set_transient_' . …

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