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The 5 Best Reddit Sites and Apps for Beginners

Reddit is the biggest online community today, but it can be overwhelming for newcomers. These sites and apps make it a little easier to use Reddit without being a regular.

These tools will change the way Reddit looks (let’s face it, it’s a mess), let you manage saved posts easily, or even send emails of only things you care about. It’s Reddit for non-Redditors, basically.


1. Reddit Watch (Email, Web): To Stay Updated Without Going to Reddit

Some subreddits can be overwhelming, and even constantly updated with content, you don’t care about. But every few days, there is something you want to know about. Reddit Watch is the email subscription you need.

The screenshot above shows exactly how easy it is. Add your email address and a subreddit you want to track. Choose how many days you want to wait before getting a new email, and how many posts from the subreddit that email should have.

Reddit Watch will send you the top posts based on your choices to your inbox so that you can quickly and easily read what’s happening. It’s a good strategy to check some of the best alternative subreddits without visiting them regularly.

2. Top IAmA (Web): Better Way to Read Reddit AMAs

best sites and apps for reddit beginners

One of the main reasons to visit Reddit is the AMAs, or Ask Me Anything series. This is where interesting personalities (including people like Barack Obama, Meryl Streep, and Bill Gates) open themselves up to questions from anyone, on anything.

The Reddit AMA, though, can be a disaster to read if you are new to it. It’s not well-formatted, and you often have to hunt for the person’s answers in a cesspool of comments by other Redditors. Well, there’s a better way to get your dose of AMAs without going to Reddit.

TopIAmA converts the best Reddit AMAs into neatly formatted articles, where the question and answer follow in systematic order like an interview. It’s much easier and better to read. Plus there are easy categories to find AMAs from topics you like. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “best of” list so here’s a way to check out the top Reddit AMAs of all time.

3. Uforio (Web, Mac): A Beautiful and Organized Reddit Experience

best sites and apps for reddit beginners

Uforio turns Reddit into an organised browsing experience. Instead of a flurry of mixed posts, it automatically categorises them by type of content, making it easier for you to view what you want.

By default, the “groups” view includes categories like links, short texts, long texts, pictures, videos, and GIFs. It’s also a cleaner and more beautiful interface than Reddit, whose design often feels dated and overwhelming.

Apart from the interface though, it’s like using Reddit normally and doesn’t bar any features from the main site. You can even start with Uforio and slowly move on to using Reddit like a pro.

4. Savvit.io (Web): Manage Your Reddit Bookmarks Across Accounts

best sites and apps for reddit beginners

Reddit lets you save posts for later. But these bookmarks are difficult to manage with Reddit’s own interface. Savvit.io is a much better way to see all your favourites and interact with them.

You’ll need to create a new Savvit account and link it to your Reddit profile. With the paid version of Savvit, you can also link multiple profiles and bring all your bookmarks in one place.

The bookmarks are automatically categorised by subreddit, and you can then further sort them by title, author, score, or saves. Click a link to open it in Reddit directly. It just works.

5. RedditList (Web): Find a Subreddit You’ll Love

best sites and apps for reddit beginners

Reddit is only as good as the subreddits you find on it. The best communities will keep you hooked and coming back for more. But finding subreddits beyond the most popular ones can be a little difficult.

RedditList is a regularly updated list of the top 5,000 subreddits. These are all sorted neatly, ordered by whether they are NSFW or not, and in categories like humour, science, movies, culture, gaming, and so on.

You can see each subreddit’s stats (subscribers, recent activity, and growth) as well as its tagline to find an active community that fits what you’re looking for. And in case that doesn’t work, try these other methods to find obscure subreddits.

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