WordPress plugin to email commentators of posts


The need to email came up when I wanted to notify commentators of my previous announcement posts regarding my plugin – Facebook Like Thumbnail, about its new version which is a rewrite and has a lot of goodness in it. I looked it up, and I found a plugin by …

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Filtering transient expiration time in WordPress


As of now WordPress doesn’t offer a filter to control the expiration of the transient while it is being set, so I quickly wanted to share a quick snippet I found on Trac, written by Andrew Nacin. Here is the snippet: View this code snippet on GitHub. Basically, 'set_transient_' . …

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Denial-of-Service Attack


A necessity threat disrupts normal computer processing or denies processing entirely. Programs used in necessity attacks work by reducing a computer’s processing speed to intolerably low levels or by completely disabling the computer. The most common necessity attack, called a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, occurs when an attacker floods a computer, …

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Sathurbot Trojan Takes Aim at WordPress Sites

sathurbot trojan takes aim at wordpress sites

Global cybersecurity giant ESET discovered a Trojan designed to compromise sites running on the popular blogging platform WordPress. The Sathurbot backdoor exploit was first spotted in June of 2016. However, it resurfaced in April 2017, this time orchestrating botnet attacks in the torrent ecosystem. Software torrents are especially ideal for malware …

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Why to Use E-Mail Marketing

email marketing digital gyan

Why E-mail Marketing? Email is by far the most effective way of directly affecting your bottom line and actually growing your business. Even though technology has significantly improved with instant messaging and social media, people still rely on emails for several things. Some of the key reasons why E-mail Marketing …

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The WannaCry Attack, A Reality Check For IT

the wannacry attack a reality check for it

On the morning of May 12th, employees working at companies such as Britain’s National Health Care Service and Spain’s Telefonica, got a nasty surprise when they logged into their computers: a ransom note. Moreover, they were not alone. Within the next few days, security experts determined that over 230,000 computers …

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What is UPI

“Unified Payment Interface” (UPI) enables all bank account holders to send and receive money from their smartphones without the need to enter bank account information or net banking user id/ password. Where can UPI be used? UPI can be used to send and receive money from individuals or to pay …

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What is MAC address

In computer networking, a Media Access Control address (MAC address) or Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA) or hardware address or adapter address is a unique identifier attached to network adapters (NICs). It is a number that acts as a name for a particular network adapter, so, for example, the network cards …

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Data Loss Statistics

data loss statistics infographic

IT professionals are most commonly concerned about ransomware and mobility (BYOD policies), according to a recent StorageCraft survey. Forty-two percent of IT professionals believe that ransomware is the technology that brings the most risk. Another 38 percent are concerned about mobility and BYOD policies, shows the survey. Hardware/system failure and …

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Subnetting and VLSM – Concepts

What is subnetting? Subnetting allows us to create multiple logical networks that exist within a single Class A, B, or C network. If we do not subnet, we will only be able to use one network from your Class A, B, or C network, which is unrealistic. Each data link …

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